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Joy Coaching works is about touching the glimpses of joy that exist within every moment. Through the use of images and stories your own memories are brought to mind and body and become the foundation of your growth towards more joyful moments. If you string a group of individual notes together you create a song. Enough notes and you have a symphony. Imagine what it woud be like to be able to string together the notes of joy.Wouldn't that be nice?  Well you can. There is an ocean of joy that we all exist in and can learn to touch at will. Joy that is from within and not due to external circumstances. Joy Coaching Works can guide you to merge your notes of joy so they become a magic carpet to carry you along through the experiences of your life.

I am a dentist and have had lived in patient's resonating stress for 35 years. During that time my needs for peacefulness has become my spiritual practice and I have been able to translate life's stresses into happiness. I have developed a personal coaching niche based upon uncovering your own experiences of happiness along with a tri-weekly email newsletter. I hope you enjoy this site.Please contact me with any thoughts or questions.
Yours truly,
Michael D. Selzer DDS

Windows Mirrors and Tunnel

There are seven colors of the rainbow and seven levels of joy. First is for you to have the awareness and be thinking that "I am not experiencing joy at this moment and I would prefer to experience more of it."

Image 3

That is the window. The middle layer, the mirror, is to learn to reflect, up and back, the feelings of joyful experiences you have had. And the 7th level is the tunnel where you can direct, at will, the experience of being joyful to be the foundation of any experience.

Of course you need to be able to contact and feel within youself your own joy which, you can cultivate with the 18 photographs of Joy Coaching Works. When this ability is ripe you will be able to touch the joyful vibrations within the tunnel and direct this experience into your awareness, along with your full attention to whatever your current activity happens to be at each moment.