Throughts from readers of Inner Thoughtscapes Book


Elliott Jacobs - " It instantly removed me from the confines of the office into a new open natural and pleasant place."

Robin Bender - "Just what I needed. Calm and relaxing. I looked through the white dot just like you wrote."

Joe Mondelli - "Beautiful photographs, so real and calm."

Edgar Sanchez  - "Wonderful experience, its unusual to find a dental office with pictures and stories.  It reminded me of my dad and the photoalbums he made for wach of us kids."

Clifford day - " I was flowing back to a time when everything was just right.  It was like a chord I play on the piano, just perfect ; like a glimpse of joy."

Lois Brennan -" Transported me to floating with the picture of the clouds and the letting go of other thoughts."

David Tfirn  - " While reading the the story about the woods I had a feeling like in the movies of going back in time through a tunnel.  A swosh of movment and I was back camping near Albany as a kid.  It was a great feeling to experience again.  I had not had that for 40 years."

Emad Aovida -" Slowing down like the river when it meets the ocean.  I got it.  I came in to the office and my heart was still pounding.  I got it slowed down and  became instantly calm.  My clients could use this as well.  It made my visit to the dentist much easier."

Ellen Coryat  - " While reading the snow scene I traveled down to the beach and it was a woody experience.  I was in the moment peaceful and calm.  It makes your worries seem ridiculous.  It brought me right back to the joy in my heart.  Its the last thing you would expect at the dental office."

Rosilyn Rosenthal - " This is a book I would pick up and read again and again.  Who wants to only read about cars and news.  Serenity, calm such realistic photographs."

Jennifer Goings - " It makes you realize what you already know.  That you should be able to appreciate everything.  But you keep getting overwhelmed by life.  My visit to the dentist was made a lot easier after I touched this glimpse of joy."

Evelyn Katz -" I loved the Waterfall.  I really slowed down and relaxed. It makes you think to slow down look around and appreciate what you already have.  I feel much better right now."

Anamaria Mondelli - " Peaceful and quiet."

Rick Davis - " Reminded me of childhood things are more than what they seem  The beauty comes out to you.  Great feeling exuberant comes out of the page captivating.  It takes you into the photo."