A few words about how we run our lives 

We are like a film director that has plots and a story line to follow but is still free to change and create anything he wants as each moment of the film is being created. 

Free Will

Setting priorities. We can change and do whatever we want but we tend to follow a straight line from our history to our goals.

Joy is a choice.  It is like a train going down a track or a snowball rolling down a hill with a built up momentum. But you can nudge the snowball or blow up the train track. We can choose to be joyful.

Ocean of joy. Joy is like the train track that we are riding on. We may be busy within the train and forget about the track but it is always there. Clickity clack, clickity clack. Awareness of joy is always available. Okay, you may be thinking, "awareness of joy is always available? Where does he live?" Everything has its ups and downs certainly my life as well. It has taken me 30 + years of trial and error to have created my raft that carries me on an ocean of joy. The journey is never complete but it does continue with more joy and awareness. Each glimpse of joy reverberates like a ringing bell.

Image 2

Touching joy

Ringing the bell. The reverberation of the bell becomes an ocean of joy and you are floating along on a raft.

Your joy. You can use my raft but you have to bring your own provisions. Your provisions are your own experiences of joy that you uncover and enhance through the use of Inner Thoughtscapes Book (ITB) and Joy Coaching Works.

Using your own experiences of joy. Your own story is about finding your own voice your own provisions. Especially the ones you have almost forgotten because you thought they were insignificant. They are your foundation of joy. When you look at the beautiful photographic scenes in ITB and ponder the words, going up and back deeply into your mind, body and spirit, glimpses of joy will emerge. They are yours not mine. Build on them. Let each glimpse of joy be like a pearl on a necklace. String a bunch together and wear it as you go about your ordinary daily routine.