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Mindfulness of meditation 1.25

Breathing of meditation 3.26

Compassion Star Dust Meditation 7.49

Returning 2.32

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Meditation on connectedness 9.31


We have three products to enhance your experience of rafting along in the ocean of joy.  And of course our ongoing Joy Coaching Works coaching services.

The Book Inner Thoughtscapes Glimpses of Joy & DVD

Inner Thoughtscapes Glimpses of Joy the book starts with 18 beautiful photographs. Each photograph is accompanied by a short prose/poem, a prosetry that captures the essence of joy that I experienced when the photograph was taken. By reading the prosetry and viewing the photograph, a glimpse of that joy will arise within you. It will be your own experience that comes up. This glimpse of joy becomes a foundation for your own ocean of joy. Myrna Glassman, after reading about the flowers, reminded me that everything starts with the mind and then continues with the heart. The DVD of Inner Thoughtscapes is a sampling of 5 images and prosetry from the Inner Thoughtscapes Book. Each of the 5 image themes is continued by a slide show where the accompanying introspective music carries you along for a beautiful relaxing journey.

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Coaching Services

Four coaching sessions can bring you to the edge and a refreshing swim in the ocean of joy that surrounds you. Read through this site. If it resonates with you and you would like additional information, contact me with the e-mail link above. It will be a joy for me to answer any questions or thoughts that you may have about joy coaching. Joy coaching creates an open window which acts as an anchor to hold your attention to the joy which is available at each moment. Learn to reach through this window to your own experiencs of joy and let them carry you through your life one moment at a time.

RelaxerciZe Cards for Inner Thoughtscapes Glimpses of Joy--- discontinued

The RelaxerciZe steam sauna and hot tub cards are suitable for wet or dry reading. The come as a group of 8 photographs and prosetry on four 10 mil laminated cards. They are a perfect gift for your friends with hot tubs or for health clubs. Drift off into one of your favorite reveries while being right at home, pool, beach, boat or anywhere.