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It was a long hike against a cold wind through the woods and along the road to suddenly be jolted out of my body's exertion when this sight appeared.  Instantly all the heat, sweat and screamingly sore muscles let go and I was transformed into the blanket of snow. 

Smooth soft, clean and bright inviting me to lie down as if on fresh silk sheets over a bed of feathers.  A familiar feeling of peace and calm spread over me like the carpet of snow covering the ground; warming my heart and melting away any left over thoughts of worry or concern.  This feeling jumped back to being in school and echoes of Frost's poem, "Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening," ran through my mind.  Ah,  it took many years but I finally have a feeling of what he was talking about. 

Take a moment look again at the serenity of this scene.  Flow back into an earlier time within your own memory.  Let go of what you will be doing later and jump into this picture, right now!  Can you recall being in the snow?  Being free and light like the falling flakes?  Joining together with another person like snow flakes in a blanket?  Plunge into this scene before the sun comes out and it melts away back into exposing the bare earth; and our thought of having to do something seemingly more important returns.  Like stopping to smell the roses we can stop by a snowy woods for a moment here and there. Touch this scene and let go. Think about it. What is your snowy  woods?